Does Your Occupation Put You At A Greater Risk For A Stroke?

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Do you spend most of your time at work sitting? Although sitting may seem comfortable for you, it is actually a silent killer! Stroke is known to be caused by many risk factors such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, obesity, and smoking - but recently, a study made by Kumar, Prasad & Kathuria (2014) discovered that prolonged sitting also contributes to this unpleasant condition. This study explored the correlation between jobs involving prolonged sitting and ischemic stroke in the North Indian population. The hypothesis was proven true after conducting research on 224 participants. 

To avert this risk, consider modifying workplace activity policies and alternative furniture, such as stand up desks! Stand up desks encourage the employee to reduce the amount of time spent sitting at work resulting in increased blood circulation throughout the body, greatly reducing the risk of stroke. 

But wait, hold on! The road to having an active lifestyle doesn’t stop there - being active for at least 30 minutes per day, eating healthy, and not smoking will also provide amazing improvements to your quality of life - especially if you’re spending lots of time in an office. 



Kumar, A., Prasad, M., &Kathuria, P. (2014). Sitting occupations are an independent risk factor for Ischemic stroke in the Nothern Indian population. International Journal of Neuroscience,  7.


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