was founded by a Physical Therapist in New York City specializing in Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy for 19 years. His private practice treats thousands of patients a year, many who are hardworking business owners, executives, and employees who spend 8-12 hours a day seated at a desk. He has been recommending patients get up from their chairs and move around for years. He believes breaking up periods of sitting is essential for patients recovering from injury, and as recent research shows, for general health and well being. He feels so strongly about the need to get people out of their chairs that he built a stand-up work station for his wife who complained about fatigue, low back pain, and stiffness after hours of computer work.

As stand-up desks began to hit the market a few years back, he started recommending them. Oftentimes, patients came back to him looking for specific recommendations. He started researching desks for his patients and found a fragmented market with few stores selling more than one or two different brands. This makes shopping and comparing different options difficult and time consuming. was created to help his patients, and workers worldwide find the best stand-up desk for their needs and their budget.


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